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Media planning and buying is an ad-space procurement process. Best visualized a continuous circle starting with research and finishing the sales report with adjustments at each stage.

To best illustrate this process follow along, or jump to a specific stage:



The research stage is the first of the procurement process. In this stage, you business needs to:

  1. Identify the target consumer.
  2. Compile a list of originating cities for such consumer.
  3. For each city, locate the best media to reach said customer.

How we help

FREE consultation Let us suggest markets and media that would best target your consumer.

With over 20 years of experience, we've helped small and enterprise Fortune 500 businesses.



After researching the best media, you will then have to:

  1. Contact each media (usually in Spanish).
  2. Ask for prices (they'll usually give you a standard rate).
  3. You can then attempt to negotiate for best price based on frequency, or use other competitor rates (which isn't very persuasive).

How we help

We are direct reps. (outsourced sales) of newspaper and billboard media in Mexico. This means:

  • No service fees on top of the rates.
  • We offer the best rates, guaranteed. If someone offers a better rate, we will match the rate if approved by the media.

Benefit from our years of experience and be confident that you're receiving the best deal.



Purchasing from a single vendor is already time consuming. If your campaign, requires multiple newspapers this task is further aggravated. For each media you'll need to:

  1. Understand the formats allowed.
  2. Adhere to deadlines.
  3. Follow upload procedures.

How we help

We will provide and communicate any specifications or deadline requirements in the language and format that you're used to.

Instead of uploading to each media, allow us to be your distributor. We accept documents via email (up to 25 MB), Dropbox, FTP, or at your convenience and ease.



After scheduling your campaign and sent the necessary creatives before the deadline, you would then need to verify that for each purchase your ad is published and the correct version.

In the event that a mistake is made, you would have to negotiate with the media on your own.

How we help

Rather than contacting each media and ensuring that each purchase is correct, we'll do that for you.

Optionally We will also send you a physical copy of your ad in each publication, if requested.

In any mistake by us, or the media, we will notify you immediately and rectify the issue based on your instructions.



Congratulations! Your ad has been published and its been viewed by thousand of readers and many of those will travel to the United States to spend their hard earned money.

By now you should have received invoices from each media asking for payment. Some require Mexican Peso other prefer the U.S. Dollar. Some allow payment over the Internet. Others require wire transfers or deposit to a local bank.

While you try to organize and plan your payments, your business is being left behind.

How we help

Rather than receiving dozens of invoices, we will consolidate all your invoices and send you a single invoice per month.

We also accept many payment options including credit card processing with Square1, Google Wallet1, as well as traditional methods: Checks and Wire Transfer.

We also accept purchase orders with Net Terms of 30 days.2



Now it's time to follow the numbers. Study the increase in sales in different segmentations: weeks, months, and quarterly. Compare last week's, month's, quarter, or yearly data and find results.

For a narrower study, use the tracking information in coupons, promotional codes, or a purchaser information gathered at the Point of Sale.

How we help

FREE Consultation. Let us understand your needs in the evaluation, and we can advice on how to best track or collect data.

3% credit card processing surcharge.
Subject to approval.